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Scrapped Issue 2: Future Dinosaur

Future Dinosaur is Scrapped's second issue, a limited edition art journal published annually. This issue comes with a wrapper made of heavy cardstock which holds the book and bonus items (see below) securely together; it is shipped flat to avoid damaging it in transit and gives you the fun of assembling it at home!

Published Summer 2013. 150 pages. Edition of 250. 


Introduction by Joe Ippolito

Artist Profile: Juan Pablo Garza

Age/ Sex/ Loc: Liz Sales

The Interview: Grayson Cox

How to Remember a Song by Ulises Hadjis

See Something, Say Something with Un hee Park*

* Additional web-only content

Bonus Items in the Print Edition:

  • An original editioned cyanotype, signed by artist Liz Sales
  • Exquisite Corpse by artists Olivia Wendel, Elianna Mesaikos, Christa Donner, Amelia Saul and Diego Seirralta
  • Poster by artist Catherine Cieslewicz

Participating Artists:

Joe Anthony-Brown, Sophie Barbasch, Amanda Bauer, Ana Baumann, Sally Baxter, Liat Berdugo, Paul Bertier, Hollie Chastain, Jose Chirino, Eugenia Chun, Catherine Cieslewicz, Barnett Cohen, Grayson Cox, Vanessa Deflache, Xavier Donnelly, Christa Donner, Allison Edge, Marie-Luise Emmerman, AnnieLaurie Erikson, Caroline Gambell, Juan Pable Garza, David Brandon Geeting, Ulises Hadjis, Joshua Hagler, Sarah Hotchkiss, Everett Irving, Cindy John, Forest Kelley, Sam Laughlin, Kolbrun Thora Love, Brianna Lowe, Michael Marcelle, Elianna Mesaikos, Drew Nikonowicz, George Pfau, Francisco Reina, Kristin Richards, Cole Robertson, RaMell Ross, Liz Sales, Amelia Saul, Carrie Sieh, Diego Sierralta-Leon, Ilona Szwarc, Awoiska Van der Molen, Brienne Walsh, Allison Watkins, Olivia Wendel, Carl Wooley, Jin Zhu.

Noura Al-Salem, Frances Denny, Nicole Horton, Osvaldo Pontón
Guest Editor:
Athena Torri

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